Do you believe that the government should regulate and provide oversight to you as a parent in all areas relating to the children living in your home? You understand that government agencies (i.e. Child Protective Services – CPS) has their place and value, but should any government fully police and make policy that infringe upon every area of the home?

Biblically the answer is NO! A new and alarming California State Senate Bill, named SB 18, was introduced and filed on December 5, 2016 that lays the foundation for enormous future government oversight and control in every California home. It is intentionally referred to as the “Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California” by its creators.

Though sounding good, it does not immediately accomplish anything but declares that the Legislature enact more laws and spend more money to fully set forth “children’s rights” by January 1, 2022! Please take action today and ask the Lord to strike this very bad bill down before it ever gets off the ground in Senate committees.