In direct contradiction to the Republican Party Platform, the California Assembly Republicans under the leadership of Assembly Member Chad Mayes have chosen to praise the the work of LGBT organizations and LGBT hero Harvey Milk.  This past Tuesday the Assembly Republican Caucus sent out a tweet in full support of Harvey Milk Day and commending the work of Equality California and theLog Cabin Republicans, organizations that are extremely hostile to traditional marriage, religious liberty and biblical values.  The tweet was liked by Assembly Republican Minority Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblywoman Catherine Baker, and re-tweeted by the California Republican Party.

Please contact your Assembly Member today and him/her these four simple questions:

  • Does Assembly Member Chad Mayes and Republican Assembly caucus speak for you on LGBT issues?
  • Are the Assembly Republicans abandoning the traditional marriage plank in the party platform?
  • Have you asked Assembly Member Chad Mayes to delete this tweet as a misrepresentation of your values?
  • Do you think it is time for new leadership in the Republican Assembly?

Please notify us by email of the response you receive to these questions along with your Assemblymember’s name.

Thank you in advance for taking action to support biblical values in our state!

Pastor John Evertson
Director, Awake America California
Harvey Milk Day background information:

This past Monday, May 22nd, was Harvey Milk Day in California Public Schools.Harvey Milk, a member of the San Franciosco board of supervisors who was assisinated in 1978, was an open homosexual. documents that “Milk repeatedly engaged in adult-child sex, advocated for multiple sexual relationships at the same time….” and that “…the Harvey Milk law urges schools to make students perform exercises remembering the life of Harvey Milk,…”

It is bad enough that California State law forces our public schools to honor and celebrate Milk’s immoral lifestyle, but even worse is the fact that the California Assembly Republicans have endorsed Harvey Milk Day on their Twitter account.